What’s now and what’s next for PR?

Now&NextThere a new app in town. It’s about people at the global consultancy where I work and their insights gained from working with some of our clients.

It’s called Now&Next. It’s free. You can download it from the app store.

I recommend it. It’s an inspiring read, perfect for refueling your personal think tank during the holidays.

What’s in it for YOU

  • 91 case studies
  • 7 quarterly magazines with useful insights
  • 10 part series on The Future of Engagement

About the People’s Insights project

MSLGROUP launched the People’s Insights project in 2012 to crowdsource insights from the company’s global network of strategic planners, synthesize foresights, and share with people to inspire more engaging campaigns for clients.

Tracking inspiring web platforms and brand programs at the intersection of social data, crowdsourcing, storytelling and citizenship, MSLGROUP produces ‘People’s Insights’ weekly reports, quarterly magazines and an annual report on the future of engagement each year.