Today is a good day to start drawing

Putting pen to paper has many benefits, writes Anne Quito in Quartz.

It develops the capacity for close observation, introspection, patience, and humility

Of course, one could also add the word du jour: mindfullness.

However, the advice is to not show your drawings to anyone, emphasizing that drawing is a introspective process, not a public performance. Hm.

I get the point with regards to overcoming the fear of not drawing well enough and being embarrassed. I also agree that it should not be about performance.

But a drawing, doodle, scratch or dot – however inept – can be a powerful tool of communication. It can tell others what’s on your mind – without the need to articulate it.

Like the people of Chauvet Cave, they were obviously into animals (and eating them, presumably.)

Me, I’m into cameras and cigarettes and trees. And apparently some form of weird worm labyrinths.

It’s not Picasso or Ingres, but it’s human. Relatable. Please, don’t stuff your take on it all in a drawer.