Terrarium – planter til lite bry


New York Times hadde en interessant artikkel om Terrarium 2. juni 2010, hvor de blant annet henviste til instruksjoner om hvordan man bygger slike.

Tillat meg å sitere fra artikkelen:

Part of the appeal of building a basic terrarium is that it does not require a great deal of gardening know-how. While regular house plants can demand considerable attention, terrariums offer a bit of nature — and the sense of calm it can confer — in a contained, easy-to-care-for way. And once a closed terrarium reaches a state of equilibrium, in which there is neither too much moisture in the container nor too little, it can more or less sustain itself.

Noen ressurslenker dersom du er fristet til å titte nærmere på hvordan man lager slike selv:

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