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It’s funny because it’s true. And sometimes it’s not. But still.

Handwriting headed for history?

TLS has a nice piece on two books at opposite ends of the spectrum with regards to the excellence of handwriting. One thinks and indeed hopes it will go away. The other celebrates its artfulness. […]

Email (still) works

Quartz has an excellent (as usual!) digression into the topic of email today. Conclusion: It works. I wholeheartedly agree. The quote from Devin Coldeway says it best: “No company owns it. It works reliably and […]

Public drunkenness has lost its mojo

Why don’t drunk people sing anymore? Admittedly, it’s been a while since I dragged myself through the indecency of public drunkenness. But in my memory it had some glory to it when all or most […]


Overheard at subway in Oslo city centre: I’m not angry, f*ckface!!! I love you, now let’s work this out like adults, you f*cking shit!! This communicates on several levels, I think.

World’s oldest emoji is 3 700 years old

Photo: Turko-Italian Archeological Expedition, Karkemish Emojis are not exactly new, but that they were this old… Smithsonian reports from archeological excavations on the border between Syria and Turkey. The Hittites were early adopters of hip mugs, […]

The best way to read a book is very slowly

By keeping your book in one location each time, you free yourself from the distractions of a commute or the pounding waves of a beach. As a result, a strange new relationship forms, between you, the voice of the book, and the room. Your ritual creates a singular association between the book and a quiet, private place, which in turn gives your relationship a new dimension.

AI is coming…

But it’s not quite there yet…  Facebooks AI lab has permitted the two chatbots Alice and Bob to shoot the breeze in an interesting têt-a-têt, but it’s a little unclear how well it went: Bob: […]

Sushi donuts!

Mashable nails the coverage of the most epic food innovation since the cronut:  We now live in a world where rice can take the place of fried dough, mayo can be used as frosting and […]

The vinyl of the web

Wired has a nice story on how e-mail newsletters are once again in vogue. I remember when my dad and I used to print out Slate mag’s newsletter and read together with the pile of […]

Coloring books are a cry for help

The craze for adult coloring books has single-handedly lifted both the print book and the pen and pencil industries. But it reflects, more than anything, the insane levels of stress that people are going through. […]

Handwriting and cognition is closely related

January 23 is National Handwriting Day in the USm and on the occasion Quartz has an interesting article about the relationship between the physical act of handwriting and the mental act of thinking. Several scientific […]

Fun fact

Old computers are remarkably useful. Hurling one at a bear can save your life.

Beware of attendance obesity at meetings

There is an art to effective meetings, and just scheduling a bunch of people to show up is not it. Consider for instance the number of participants: Seven is the magic number for business meetings. […]