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Old stuff from the days when I hadn’t fully embraced the global village.

Handwriting headed for history?

TLS has a nice piece on two books at opposite ends of the spectrum with regards to the excellence of handwriting. One thinks and indeed hopes it will go away. The other celebrates its artfulness.

I am confident that handwriting has a future, but that future might be as an artist’s tool – as indeed was its origin. What will be lost, is a mode of expression, and it will be lost primarily for those without the inclination to learn the skill.

As the article puts it:

For those with a natural difficulty in being legible, the keyboard is a saving grace. Others too prefer it as their medium of self-expression. Yet, it is a “self” sublimated to the font choices of the corporation whose software you use. Of course, when we write by hand, we are also confined, individuality restrained by the requirements of the script, but there is a certain licence for variation and idiosyncrasy, however badly it is executed.

Money is (still) no cure for ignorance

It is the weekend, and the FT is “probing” another strain of conspicuous consumption: bespoke libraries. (Is there a wholesale version?)


Paying people to assemble a library in your home is like paying them to hunt, kill, prepare and eat food for you – leaving you with some rotting antlers to hang on a wall.

For the more serious bibliophile, it might even be akin to hire someone else to fall in love, have sex, raise a family and send you the photoalbums to display as your own.

The pleasure of a personal library (or any private collection) is foremost in the process – the search, the read, your autonomous curation – without which the display is pure theatrical scenery. Glancing over the scenery offers you no memories, no connection of your own reflections, impulses, ideas and revelations – no history. The epic story of assembling your “bespoke collection” is that you sent some nerd an e-mail, he showed up at your house with a truck, you paid him a princely sum, and now you have a room full of inked paper.

But the worst part is that it seems completely counterproductive. Instead of being seen as well-read and intellectual, you increase the risk of proving that you are not. Imagine the embarassment of being asked by a house guest your opinions of a book in your personal library, and not being able to offer any.

It is like purchasing stage 4 Alzheimer’s.

Read the full article at:

World’s oldest emoji is 3 700 years old

Photo: Turko-Italian Archeological Expedition, Karkemish

Emojis are not exactly new, but that they were this old…

Smithsonian reports from archeological excavations on the border between Syria and Turkey. The Hittites were early adopters of hip mugs, it turns out. The mugs were used to store a sweet drink called sherbet.

I can picture it clearly: “Buy cool sherbet-mugs for your kids at Hattusa’s bazar. Superb quality guaranteed to outlast both you and your entire civilisation!”

OMG! Sommern er i boks

Etter flere somre med sart sete, tilløp til stive muskler og møkkete tær har internett endelig kommet til det punktet der også mine drømmer blir gjort til virkelighet i et passe portabelt format.

Feriering på nakne steiner i havgapet blir rene ferien med disse epokegjørende innovasjonene i bagasjen:

Badebalje for voksne via Coolstuff. 

Luftsofa til terrassen fra Windy.
Kjør sommer!

Ræv- og ryggnirvana er nær!

Høns får trolig tenner før jeg har så mye penger at prisen på en automobil av Ferrari er innafor. Men livet kan nå Ferrari-krydres på andre måter: Kontorstolen Cockpit kommer fra de samme designerne som har gitt oss galskapen 812 Superfast. Men her er det alt annet enn fart det handler om. Her handler det om å sitte dønn stille – i timevis – mens bakre kroppsdeler slumrer i harmonisk komfort og støtte. Og hvis det er noe jeg gjør mye, så er det stillesitting! Sparegrisen lever farligere enn vanlig i tiden fremover.

Banning er bra

Folk som er gode til å banne er ofte gode til å uttrykke seg språklig rent generelt, viser det seg

Forsker sier:

“This finding can serve as a nice empirical middle-finger from vulgarians everywhere, directed at those who had, until now, been unfairly judging them for their linguistic abilities,” writes SA’s Piercarlo Valdesolo. “Swearing, it seems, can be creative, smart, and even downright lyrical.”

Hva var det jeg sa?