Ta det med ro


Når en av verdens fremste guruer innen produktivitet tar til orde for å ta det litt mer med ro er det noe på gang.

I sitt nyhetsbrev “Productive Living” skriver David Allen fra “Getting things done” blant annet følgende:

It seems that few people have many good reference points for self-forgiveness and a sense of humor in this world of increasingly too much to do.

I’ve been working on both (self-forgiveness and sense of humor) for decades now, and still find it quite challenging at times. But you know, when I’m in a loving, whole, and healthy state of mind about myself and about life, everything’s cool. Where I am, doing what I’m doing, is exactly where I need to be and what I need to do. God’s on her throne, the mail is coming, my dog loves me, and tomorrow is just fine right where it is, not showing up until then.

[…] And if you actually did get it all done, on time, time would be out of a job.

Lighten up. We’re all in this together. You’re fine.