I had a birthday recently, and was for a fleeting moment the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. Sadly, I have misplaced my towel (and we still don’t know what […]

Croc off!

People say I should not wear my crocs in public, because they are ugly. Bof! This is half the reason I DO wear them (they are also supremely comfortable). In fact, crocs are to the […]


The good thing about being plus forty and minus happy with your dad-bod is at least you won’t have to disagree with other people’s opinions of you.

Handwriting headed for history?

TLS has a nice piece on two books at opposite ends of the spectrum with regards to the excellence of handwriting. One thinks and indeed hopes it will go away. The other celebrates its artfulness. […]

Email (still) works

Quartz has an excellent (as usual!) digression into the topic of email today. Conclusion: It works. I wholeheartedly agree. The quote from Devin Coldeway says it best: “No company owns it. It works reliably and […]

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The half monty

The half monty

We have come a long way since the time when a woman showing so much as an ankle could be considered scandalously  inappropriate. Even so, fashion shops promoting going commando seems to me as venturing […]

Public drunkenness has lost its mojo

Why don’t drunk people sing anymore? Admittedly, it’s been a while since I dragged myself through the indecency of public drunkenness. But in my memory it had some glory to it when all or most […]


Overheard at subway in Oslo city centre: I’m not angry, f*ckface!!! I love you, now let’s work this out like adults, you f*cking shit!! This communicates on several levels, I think.

World’s oldest emoji is 3 700 years old

Photo: Turko-Italian Archeological Expedition, Karkemish Emojis are not exactly new, but that they were this old… Smithsonian reports from archeological excavations on the border between Syria and Turkey. The Hittites were early adopters of hip mugs, […]

The best way to read a book is very slowly

By keeping your book in one location each time, you free yourself from the distractions of a commute or the pounding waves of a beach. As a result, a strange new relationship forms, between you, the voice of the book, and the room. Your ritual creates a singular association between the book and a quiet, private place, which in turn gives your relationship a new dimension.