Man kan drukne i overfloden

Jakten på gleden i de små ting handler vel så mye om ikke å jakte på glede i stadig nye ting.

Robert Powell skriver i Wabi Sabi Simple:

When some new item tempts you, remember the story of the Velveteen Rabbit. In the plethora of toys in a child’s room, Velveteen Rabbit learned from the old Skin Horse that what makes a toy real is being loved. Skin Horse had all his hair loved off, but he explained to Velveteen Rabbit that this made him real; he had the ongoing attention of the child. The Skin Horse is wabi sabi. And while it is not his wabi sabi quality that endeared him to the child, the child made him wabi sabi with his love.

Jakten på gleden i de små ting handler også om ikke å jakte på glede i stadig nye aktiviteter.

Rober Powell skriver videre:

Over time, we accumulate possessions, relationships, interests, extracurricular and after-hours duties, volunteer time, hobbies, social obligations, and even vacation expectations. Together they add up to overcommitment. Rather than letting any of these things go, releasing them for later enjoyment, we pick up new calendars, planners, and a Palm Pilot so that we can fit it all together. And our Palm Pilot acts like an accelerator, forcing us to pick up speed to keep up with all our commitments. Life seems too good to miss, and technology can help manage every moment. But at some point we realize we are missing moments, no matter how carefully we partition our schedules. We are missing lots of them, and the ones we are catching seem less and less meaningful. […] Wabi sabi cannot endure under an onslaught of stimulants and stress hormones; it will grow inside you as you let go of the commitments that are not essential and focus on what is.