Kid rock bottom

After a successful (no deaths!) birthday party for my eight year old son, I find myself in a reflective mood.

Shouting as a form of communication, while popular in this segment, is too easily crowded out. It makes communicative violence such as pushing (move!) and strangling (be quiet!) more, if not acceptible, then at least explicable. There might be valuable insights here for both advertisers and political campaigners, but none especially uplifting.

Also, I am less doubtful than ever about whether the benefits of spiking the brownies with propofol (zzz) might outweigh the drawbacks ($$$) by a wider margin than my wife seems willing to contemplate. It might even be an experiment with huge practical value for fields such as clandestine coercive medicine, low cost child care and non-lethal crowd control. But apparently this is beyond the pale, whatever that is.

Further regarding the parental situation and motivation, I wonder if the invention of alcohol came AFTER kid parties (as a powerful and much needed solace – which reminds me; cheerio!), or BEFORE (as a probable source of the otherwise inexplicable madness and hubris that precedes the sending of invitations).

Life has many mysteries.