Mitt liv som nerd: Keyboardenes Mercedes

KeyboardProduktivitetsporno: Dette keyboardet som nylig ble lansert av Microsoft ser ganske snasent ut egentlig. Tror ganske sikkert jeg vil bli en god del mer produktiv hvis jeg har et slikt keyboard på pc’n.

New York Times skriver:

The $65 keyboard has 108 keys, not including a top row of dedicated shortcut keys, and it has some useful extras, like back and forward buttons for Web browser navigation and a “slider” that sits between the “g” and the “h” keys and controls the zoom function of the program running in the foreground. It can be used, for example, to zoom in on a picture in Photoshop or make the font size larger in Internet Explorer.

A removable raised platform creates a seven-degree reverse slope that Microsoft says encourages better arm and wrist alignment. Atop this raised edge is a cushioned wrist support that provides a comfy resting place for the palm’s heel.