En gylden tidsalder for maskulinitet

Sitter og leser The Week over en øl, og fester meg spesielt ved en kommentar fra Daily Mirrors Tony Parsons:

Member of Parliament Diane Abbott was barking up the wrong trouser leg last week when she gave a speech in which she claimed that British men are facing a crisis of masculinity. Ousted from the role of breadwinner, and raised in a pornified culture, they are becoming hyper-masculine: homophobic, misogynistic and incapable of talking about their feelings. Is she mad? That was 25 years ago! Back in the 1980s, my father couldn’t bring himself to tell us he was dying of cancer. We only realised when he was taken to hospital to die. Like many of his generation, he had a stiff upper lip and a stiff bottom lip. Today’s men, by contrast, never shut up about their feelings. Granted, no one yet knows what impact the internet will have on the male psyche. If we’d had hot and cold running porn when I was a lad, I’d still be in my bedroom in Billericay. But most men are nothing like Abbott’s cartoon. On the contrary: this is our golden age.

Internet bekymrer, der altså. Og skremmebildene lever i beste velgående. Men håpet lever også.