A new model for news

Just some quick notes on elements for a new model of financing niche content and news production: The Netflix/Spotify/All-you-can-eat-buffet-model.

A company called Beacon has launched a service where you can subscribe to a single writer (and get access to many others at the same time).

This is not fundamentally different from the age old subscription offering made by newspapers, EXCEPT it sheds both the editorial fiat on content mix and the advertising portion of that mix. Now you can subscribe to the journalist directly.

Emerging models
In my view there are now several interesting new models of financing content mushrooming simultaneously:

– The Netflix/Spotify/Beacon model of writer subscription

The Pro Publica Non-Profit model of organisational financing

– The Micropayment model (individual articles for sale)

– Crowdfunding, such as Kickstarter model for individual content financing

In addition we still have the Public Broadcaster model and the traditional advertising and subscription-model of print and online news.

ALSO noted: Twitter as the world’s premier news bureau?