3 steps to better employee communication


MSL Group’s People’s Lab recently published an article on internal communication that I think is well worth noting.

In the article, Julia Christoph from our Munich office suggests five key factors in employee communication. I recommend her article for the full list.

Personally, I would reorganize the list into 3 action steps (easier to remember):

  1. Hone your pitch: People do not magically care about what you have to say simply because you pay their salary. Give them a reason to care. What’s in it for you, for them, for the company, for humanity? Show them the higher purpose. Be specific about what is at stake. (But don’t overdo it, because then they will not listen the next time. Remember the story about the boy who cried “Wolf”?)
  2. Involve your people: Make strong effort to involve all key employees in the communication efforts. Make participation a priority, both by example as well as soft and hard incentives. Ownership is connected to buy-in. Invite comments and dialogue on the subject, preferably through internal social media. (Internal social media enables people across offices and borders to participate on an equal level, at their leisure.)
  3. Tell stories: Grabbing attention is an art. Practice it. Use drama  and real life examples to make your message stick. This is no different in employee communication than other communication. (Also not different: You need to repeat your message. I repeat: Repeat. Your. Message.)

Well, that’s my 2 cents. How would you do it?