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Takknemlighet er nøkkelen til lykkefølelse

the method of achieving gratefulness is easy: Stop, look, then go. But we don’t stop. We are always rushing through life. That is why we need to put small stop-signs up in our day-to-day life. So that we don’t miss the opportunity to feel grateful – and become happy.
– David Steindl-Rast

Ikke miss hans gode TED- foredrag om dette:

The Communications Frontline 2014


My good colleague Hanna Svenonius in Stockholm recently wrote a great article on MSL Group’s Critical Conversations blog providing three quick takeaways from the event hosted by JKL where the venerable Paul Holmes (of the Holmes Report shared some insights.

I highly recommend Hanna’s article for the full monty, but here are the three points in short:

  1. PR professionals need to get involved with setting policy, not just defending it
  2. Message control is gone – let it go – and concentrate on building authentic values to guide people in the right direction
  3. Reach and frequency are unfit metrics – use the Net Promoter Score instead. It tells you the number of people willing to recommend your business – minus those who aren’t.