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Garden & Gun: Sørstatene i et nøtteskall

Min kjære far tok nylig med seg hjem en kulturskatt jeg ikke var kjent med, magasinet Garden & Gun fra USA. Bladet bærer stolt mottoet “Soul of the South.” Det er trolig ikke uten grunn.

I tillegg til artikler om jakt og hagestell var det mye bra stoff om mat og drikke. Og i julegaveguiden var det mye interessant. Her er noen “must have items”:

Field Bar from

For ikke å snakke om denne håndlagde splitcane fluestangen fra


Eller denne østerskniven av Damaskus-stål fra Williams Knife Co


The art of crisis management

My colleague Klas Landelius at JKL Stockholm recently published an interesting post on crisis communication and preparation at Critical Conversations.

I strongly support his perspective. A point I especially liked is this:

An organisation’s crisis management capabilities often rely on frequently updated crisis manuals, checklists, policies and escalation routines. These are all of crucial importance in ensuring business continuity and mitigating potential reputational consequences when facing a corporate crisis. And most companies do a fairly good job of producing these and keeping them up to date.

However, and as many of our clients have experienced, none of these measures are sufficient to prepare an organisation for a real crisis. Crisis management should be approached as more of an art than it is usually perceived to be – less instruction and more practice.

Read his whole post on crisis management and communication here.

Instagram Direct: The ultimate pitch engine


The elevator pitch just took a giant leap – it’s up to mankind to follow.

Instagram recently introduced Instagram Direct, which lets you send pics and videos directly to individual recipients. (BTW, I do know about Snapchat. Yes, it is similar. No, it is not better. It’s slightly different. Instagram Direct is just like Snapchat, but without the disappearing act.)

With Instagram Direct’s limit at 15 seconds for a video, it cuts the standard elevator pitch time in half. To most recipients of such pitches, that’s a good thing.

For PR professionals, pitch targets are both clients and reporters. Both groups will likely feel more inclined to pay their respects to your pitch if they know it will be brief. (You don’t have to take only my word for it.)

Might then Instagram Direct become the ultimate pitch engine?

What’s now and what’s next for PR?

Now&NextThere a new app in town. It’s about people at the global consultancy where I work and their insights gained from working with some of our clients.

It’s called Now&Next. It’s free. You can download it from the app store.

I recommend it. It’s an inspiring read, perfect for refueling your personal think tank during the holidays.

What’s in it for YOU

  • 91 case studies
  • 7 quarterly magazines with useful insights
  • 10 part series on The Future of Engagement

About the People’s Insights project

MSLGROUP launched the People’s Insights project in 2012 to crowdsource insights from the company’s global network of strategic planners, synthesize foresights, and share with people to inspire more engaging campaigns for clients.

Tracking inspiring web platforms and brand programs at the intersection of social data, crowdsourcing, storytelling and citizenship, MSLGROUP produces ‘People’s Insights’ weekly reports, quarterly magazines and an annual report on the future of engagement each year.

Når PR og journalistikk (virkelig) smelter sammen


De som leter etter et tydelig (og prisvinnende) eksempel på hvordan PR og kommunikasjon i egne kanaler smelter sammen med journalistiske formater og virkemidler kan besøke

Her har vi altså en bank som har startet sin egen online tv-kanal, med flere sendinger i døgnet og streite nyhetsreportasjer av god kvalitet.