Kid rock bottom

After a successful (no deaths!) birthday party for my eight year old son, I find myself in a reflective mood.

Shouting as a form of communication, while popular in this segment, is too easily crowded out. It makes communicative violence such as pushing (move!) and strangling (be quiet!) more, if not acceptible, then at least explicable. There might be valuable insights here for both advertisers and political campaigners, but none especially uplifting.

Plans for summer: Being bored

The key to a perfect summer is making absolutely zero plans, writes Ephrat Livni in Quartz: I think I can manage that.

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Noen ganger passer det å fatte seg i korthet: Vil du gifte deg med meg – ja. Skal vi sloss – nei. Gir livet mening – kanskje. Men andre ganger trenger du over 4 tusen […]

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Beige is back, baby

I’ve been the color of dead beige most of my life, and somehow I now find myself in vogue (ref Quartz: Perhaps even my beige personality might start to get some traction…