It’s called Tsunduko

Thank the lords, there is a diagnosis: Tsundoku is japanese for “the act of allowing books to accumulate.” Below are a selection of the last couple of weeks’ wood pulp accumulation.

Now, I PLAN to read these on my summer vacation (thankfully, we Norwegians have decent vacations), so I am NOT a bibliomaniac. No need to call the police.

I’m just practicing tsundoku.

Croc off!

People say I should not wear my crocs in public, because they are ugly.

Bof! This is half the reason I DO wear them (they are also supremely comfortable).

In fact, crocs are to the emancipated man what cigarettes were to the emancipated woman: A perfectly passive-aggressive way of saying f*ck you to reactionaries, uptight meddlers and anal-retentives.