Croc off!

People say I should not wear my crocs in public, because they are ugly.

Bof! This is half the reason I DO wear them (they are also supremely comfortable).

In fact, crocs are to the emancipated man what cigarettes were to the emancipated woman: A perfectly passive-aggressive way of saying f*ck you to reactionaries, uptight meddlers and anal-retentives.

Handwriting headed for history?

TLS has a nice piece on two books at opposite ends of the spectrum with regards to the excellence of handwriting. One thinks and indeed hopes it will go away. The other celebrates its artfulness.

I am confident that handwriting has a future, but that future might be as an artist’s tool – as indeed was its origin. What will be lost, is a mode of expression, and it will be lost primarily for those without the inclination to learn the skill.

As the article puts it:

For those with a natural difficulty in being legible, the keyboard is a saving grace. Others too prefer it as their medium of self-expression. Yet, it is a “self” sublimated to the font choices of the corporation whose software you use. Of course, when we write by hand, we are also confined, individuality restrained by the requirements of the script, but there is a certain licence for variation and idiosyncrasy, however badly it is executed.